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Property Engineering Partner™ Program

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How does the Property Engineering Partner™ (PEP) Program work?

The Property Engineering Partner™ (PEP) Program is a subscription based service that entitles our clients to a package of engineering services for one economical quarterly rate. We partner with property management companies, as well as commercial, residential, and industrial property owners, to deliver fast, cost-effective service. Upon joining the program, clients receive:  

            • Picture Proof™ Virtual Inspections (Recommended Pre and Post Hurricane)
            • Review of Virtual Inspections by Engineering Staff
            • Assessment of Identified Issues and Concerns
            • Discussion of Concerns and Issue Prioritization
            • Expedited Response and Client Prioritization after Hurricanes/Emergencies
            • Engineering Time to be Spent at the Client’s Discretion
            • Reduced Rates on Additional Engineering Services, Including Reserve Studies, Repair Cost Estimates, and Investment Property Analyses

** Quantities vary by subscription level.

Clients also gain direct, personal contact with our engineers who understand their unique situation and can provide highly individualized advice. The PEP Program allows our clients to add engineering expertise to their team for a fraction of the cost.

This program is administered by our team of licensed engineers, architects, and building contractors with thirty years of experience in design, construction, and management consulting.

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2020 Hurricane Season AccuWeather

The PEP Program can help you prepare for hurricane season!

Benefits of the PEP Program

Benefits of the PEP Program:

Benefits to Property Managers and Owners include…

            • Set fee, predetermined rate, no surprises
            • Client controlled and directed for maximum flexibility
            • Discounts on additional engineering services
            • Tools for hurricane preparedness
            • Expedited response after hurricanes and other emergencies
            • Engineering consultation similar to having an engineer on staff
            • Engineering expertise at board and owner meetings
            • Expert witness for insurance and litigation claims
            • Time saved with Picture Proof™ Virtual Inspections
            • Rapid response, receive answers quickly

Learn more about our additional engineering services here.

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Emergency Preparation and Response with PEP

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Archetype offers a number of services to protect your property before and after the storm.

Hurricane Prep:

Document property conditions before and after the storm with a Picture Proof™ virtual inspection, powered by Truepic Vision technology.

Archetype Companies uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combat photo manipulation and verify the authenticity of images. These images go through a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention and detection tests, and they are tagged with unalterable metadata describing time, date, and location. For this reason, they are extremely useful as evidence for insurance claims and litigation. Picture Proof™ virtual inspections can be performed immediately, on site, by property managers or building staff. 

Learn more about Picture Proof™ virtual inspection, powered by Truepic Vision technology.

Forensic Engineering Inspection

Head off problems before they strike with an engineering inspection. If you have specific concerns about the existing condition of your property, an expert building engineer can conduct an inspection and provide recommendations for repairs and improvements.

Hurricane Response:

Meteorologists predict an above-average hurricane season in 2020. It is crucial to prepare your building to prevent damage and to have a response plan in place should damage occur. Archetype’s team of building experts is ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Rapid Response

Members of the PEP Program receive expedited assistance after hurricanes and other emergencies. After the hurricane when everyone needs help, time becomes precious. Property managers and building owners that establish a relationship with our PEP rapid response team receive assistance with hurricane repair specs, costing, permitting documentation, and construction administration.

Post Hurricane Damage Documentation

Picture Proof™ virtual inspections utilize authenticated photographs to back up insurance and legal claims. Photos and videos authenticated by Truepic Vision include metadata like date, time, and location and go through a 20 step verification process using artificial intelligence to assure the imagery has not been altered. The Archetype Companies, a team of expert witnesses for legal and insurance matters, recommend the use of these authenticated photos in addition to other investigation and documentation technologies.

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