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Reserve Asset Management
(RAM) Program

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What is the RAM Program?

The Reserve Asset Management (RAM) Program is a subscription-based service designed with property owners and managers in mind. This program entitles our clients to a package of real estate accounting and asset management services for one economical quarterly rate.

A reserve study is merely a plan to save funds to replace major building systems that are currently in place with the exact same thing in the future.  We go above and beyond this approach by determining optimal solutions that pay annual benefits, increase asset longevity, and minimize both present and future replacement costs. A better building system can help pay for itself. 

As a full service real estate asset management team, we view all properties as investments with the goal of maximizing values while reducing the cost of ownership.  We also consider sustainability as a critical part of our recommendations.  We have over 30 years of experience in construction administration, project budgeting and financial planning, and project accounting for major renovations and improvements. With our highly qualified team and diversified skill set, we can offer assistance at every stage of a property’s life cycle. Archetype Companies’ Asset Management division is complemented by our Engineering division to provide creative and comprehensive in-house real estate management services for our clients. 


The RAM program’s comprehensive suite of services includes: 

            • Annual Reserve Study Update
            • Continual Reserves Accounting
              Project Accounting (over $10,000)
            • Bidding on Projects (over $10,000 OR Requiring EAE Docs and Permits)
            • Annual Cost Improvement Plan
            • Cost Estimate Based on Conceptual Design (ROM)
            • Project Financing Assistance
              Insurance Replacement Cost Review (Every 3rd Year)
            • Initial Inventory of Property Assets with Authenticated Photo Documentation
            • Assistance with Insurance Claims; Coordination with Property Managers and Insurance Companies
            • Asset Depreciation Calculations
Construction Services for Residential Buildings
Sustainable Real Estate for a Green Future

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