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What are the benefits of a Picture Proof™ Virtual Inspection?

Click through the tabs below to see how a virtual inspection could save you time, money, and hassle.

Less Time!

Photographs upload to our system instantly. This cuts the time spent transferring and sorting pictures and allows our team of experts to provide you with answers more quickly.

Less Money!

A remote inspection could save you up to 50% of the cost of a traditional engineering site inspection due to reduced time and travel costs.

More Certainty!

Don’t risk falling victim to altered images. Avoid mishaps with unquestionable photographic evidence, and increase your legal and professional credibility.

More Convenient!

Photos are organized in the system by date, time, and location. Easily identify your photographs and communicate with our staff through one shared database.

More Versatility!

There are nearly limitless applications for this technology. Contact us to discuss your individual project needs today.

How does a Picture Proof™ Virtual Inspection work?

  • When you partner with Archetype Companies, we send you special access to an app for your smart device.
  • After following the installation instructions, the app connects to the Archetype Companies database. Take as many photos as you’d like of your property, and these photos instantly upload to our system. Both you and Archetype Companies have access to the images.
  • Once the photographs are uploaded, Truepic Vision artificial intelligence technology gets to work authenticating them. The photos are instantly tagged with metadata including date, time, and GPS location. This data is recorded in the system and cannot be changed. The images are then run through 20 different checks to verify that they have not been altered or falsified in any way.
  • Because these photographs have undergone extensive checks for authenticity, they hold far more weight as evidence in a court of law. Building professionals can trust the authenticity of these images, and therefore utilize them to make judgments, write reports, testify, and release funds accordingly. The images can also be used to solidify insurance claims.
  • If you have any questions while taking pictures, you are encouraged to call Archetype Companies and talk to a project coordinator or engineer. We can discuss and monitor your photographs with you in real time, as you take them.
  • The app also offers many useful features like photo annotation that allow you to easily identify and keep track of your images as you go.

Ways to Use

Uses include...

Construction Progress Inspection
Building Problem Investigation
Forensic Construction Defect Documentation
Insurance Claim Authentication
Premiere Property Condition Documentation
and More!

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